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"Why hire Able Estate Sales when my sister and I have done yard sales
before? "
(a common question we hear)

We have been in the estate liquidation and appraisal business for
many years.  Over that time we have developed a trained eye.
"This is not magic but experience in spotting valuable items quickly."

The majority of calls we get from people that start out by naming all of the
“valuable items” in the home.

    Round Oak Table ... sells for $350 - $500
    Antique bedroom set ... sells for $150 - $350
    Large flat screen TV sells for ... $125 - $250
    Antique piano ... sells for $100 - $800
    Beautiful antique china set  ... sells for  $100
    Antique Silverware Set (it was sliver plate) ... sells for  $100

The things that were thrown away!

    Sea shell sold for $3200
    Concertina missing bellows sold for $4200
    1970's wall décor photograph in frame sold for $6500
    1960's sun glasses sold for $390
    1950's paperback book sold for $850
    Small carpenters wood plane  sold for $1800
    1950's mechanics tool sold for $575
    Miner's tool sold for $3200
    1960's hunting knife sold for $1850
    Wooden pencil sold for $85
    1960's ash tray sold for $185
    1950's table lamp sold for $475
    1970's kitchen chair sold for $850
    1970's wall mirror sold for $675
    Old box camera sold for $1700
    10 poker chips sold for $750
    Small juice glass sold for  $750
    Pair 1970's mens work shoes sold for $358
    1960's ladies purse sold for $737
    1930's old blanket sold for $4250
    Old rug sold for $2800
    Kitchen paring knife sold for $32,500
    2003 ladies shoes sold for $1270

All these overlooked items were turned into Cash not Trash for these
Mike & Cheryl Gordon
Professional Estate Sales & On Line Auctions
       Why Hire Able Estate Sales?  

"We have helped hundreds of families and businesses thru difficult times and
are happy to assist you in  liquidating a home or business."
  Mike & Cheryl
An appraisal is an estimate of the fair market or replacement value of a specific item. We can
provide a written or verbal appraisal of your special items

The most successful Estate Sales (Tag Sales) require planning and meticulous attention to
detail. Our 37 years of experience is invaluable in developing the resources needed to conduct a
Successful Estate Liquidation. We have had many successful sales.  Read
few of our recent clients, click here.

We have developed a network of buyers with want lists, therefore many items can be sold at a
premium price. We also determine if items have a greater value in a larger world wide market
and if so we can list those items for sale on the Internet.  We have the distinction of being EBay
Power Sellers with 12 years of EBay sales.

Some items like fine art pieces or rare items require special marketing. We have contacts with
World Wide Auction Houses for those special pieces.

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1-877-339-3229 if you are considering an Estate Sale.